Plastic Injection (English)

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Plastic Injection Machine

Plastic Injection Machine (plastic injection) or plastic moulding machine is machine that have function to create any form with using plastic material, such as plastic bottle, plastic spoon, etc. Method using for create plastic is using plastic injection machine is thermal material method, material is melted because the material need to injecting into plunger, and then the material is be chilled using water because plastic material can be hardened and transform same into moulding form. Using this plastic injection machine, we need to create every form, size as we need. Because all we need to pay attention for this machine result is moulding.

Plastic Moulding

Plastic moulding is used for create any product same as our need. Plastic mouling consists of 2 main parts, male parts, female parts. These two parts is connected using slider, this is for open and close moulding perfectly.

Plastic Injection Machine Service

We've helping customers transform different unique design using plastic injection moulding into finished products, innovating within the sports equipment, electronics, medical, communications, and consumers products industries. 

We give one stop solution with ready machine for plastic injection needs on 60MT machine80MT machine, 120MT machine150MT machine180MT machine200MT machine220MT machine280MT machine, until 800MT machine.

Client could entrusts plastic moulding to Rajawali Mall, And we create the finished plastic same as plastic moulding design.

Moulding example

plastic mold

jasa mesin injection moulding

Plastic Injection Machine Capabilities

Our Factory proudly already support many companies from small company until multi national company since 2009 using experience team and operator staff operating machine from 60 MT until 800 MT. Using Computer and give efficiency optimal set-up, control process and monitoring. Our machine design to giving quality also minimum reject rating, and also could reduce cost.

Quality Control

Quality Assurance is our priority to facing market competition. Rajawali Mall doing on three process

  1. Visual inspection , every product from machine would be check by our staff using parameter decided from you, the client , to identify every reject product
  2. Every part of product would be inspecting once again from our QA team on every machine every hour, for searching reject product
  3. At last we receive every product and put into the box, counting and move into Quality Control /  re-check again by our operator staff randomly and verified amount of product, and product is ready to deliver

Our Promise

Full Service Plastic Injection Factory. We always operating with integrity and give the best needs to our customer.


Plastic Injection Hotline service (Indonesia): +62-818-0666-1193

Plastic Injection Hotline service (English): +62-818-0607-7607

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